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Cafe Femenino Roaster Agreement

The Café Femenino® story is built on the hard work and initiative of women coffee farmers across the world. Their story is one of empowerment and one that we at Organic Products Trading Company seek to honor with every customer interaction and branded or co-branded piece.

Our roaster partners are crucial to the success of the Café Femenino program. To ensure mutual success, and to ensure we’re fully supporting the women farmers throughout the supply chain, we require roasters to follow a few guidelines to help us uphold the integrity of the Café Femenino program. For the full Café Femenino Roaster guidelines document, please email

  1. Brand guidelines. To help eliminate guesswork and help you co-brand your materials as effectively as possible, we have developed Café Femenino brand guidelines. These guidelines detail the do’s and don’ts of using the Café Femenino brand including logo usage, approved messaging, typography, photography, web-linking, and advertising.
  2. Donation requirements. Roaster donations are central to the impact of Café Femenino and to our unique approach as a coffee brand. We require roasters to make a minimum donation of 5 cents per pound of green coffee purchased, in one of two ways:
    • 100% of the 5 cents per pound delivered directly to the Café Femenino Foundation
    • 50% of the 5 cents per pound delivered to the Café Femenino Foundation and 50% delivered to a women’s crisis center in your community
  3. Blending requirements. To maintain the integrity of our coffee and to ensure the women farmers are solely responsible for the coffee in each bag, Café Femenino must be presented as a single origin coffee. As such, Café Femenino may not be blended with any coffee other than another Café Femenino coffee.
  4. Women involvement. To help us further integrate women in the coffee industry, we encourage women in your organization to do the purchasing, roasting, and marketing of the Café Femenino coffee.

Marketing Materials

We’d love for you to join the Café Femenino story. We’re proud to support our roaster partners with co-brandable marketing materials to help you connect your customers to the Café Femenino brand in an effective, consistent way. To access our suite of marketing materials, including logos, messaging, stickers, flyers, photography, regional coffee profile cards, and more contact

Café Femenino Foundation

Café Femenino Foundation is an independent nonprofit organization that funds community betterment grant requests proposed and managed by women in coffee producing regions around the world. Foundation volunteers work throughout the year in various fundraising activities that directly support women, their families, and their communities.OPTCO is an annual donor and proud sponsor of the Café Femenino Foundation and encourages roasters to join in that support through donations and fundraising events of their own. Learn more at